From A to H

Tuesday January 23, 2024

A is for Art

It is not the first piece of artwork we have been involved with, and certainly won’t be the last. We were recently commissioned by the multi talented Lisa Traxler to manufacture a sculpture titled Ghost Echo, standing just over 3m tall.

Technical: Self standing 40mm thick Aluminium

Finish: Natural anodise

Processes: Waterjet profiling, CNCmilling,surface finishing, anodising.

Like any project of this nature, we worked with the artist starting with pencil sketches, cardboard pieces, progressing to a 1:5 scale model in aluminium, to the final sculpture (including full test assembly prior to anodising). Along the way we called in experts to carry out a stability analysis and joint design. At Hydromar we are not just waterjet profilers, but are capable of project management and assembly work, producing unique quality articles.

H is for Heritage

It is often difficult to get parts for old equipment, particularly if you happen to be running a heritage railway line, like our local Isle of Wight Steam Railway. They recently needed some signal spectacles replacing (the part the light shines through on and old railway semaphore signal arm).

The originals were cast iron, and the moulds likely disposed of many decades ago, but this didn’t prove to be a problem for our team.

Technical: 40mm thick Mild Steel

Finish: Unfinished / client completion

Processes: Waterjet profiling the basic profile, CNC milling all of the cut faces and pockets.

This was a prime example of our team utilising the appropriate tool for the job, all done in house.

So if you need a work of art, even if still at the early concept stage, or anything else either profiled or CNC milled; Please contact our team and we will give you the same quality service.