Waterjet cutting – Versatility of water

The Benefits

Waterjets have the exclusive ability to cut any material with no heat effected area, without mechanical stress that can distort metal.  Its cut is accurate +/- 0.25mm as standard.

It is precise, clean and adaptable, using an incredibly powerful jet of water, usually mixed with abrasive, to cut a wide variety of materials including metals and composites as well as softer materials such as wood or rubber.

Scalable from one off parts or prototypes to volume runs or large batch quantities, waterjet is a cost effective solution.

Why Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet is the preferred method when materials are sensitive to high temperatures.  It is a cold cutting process which allows the cutting of materials without changing their properties. It leaves a clean, high quality finished edge, which for many applications will require no post machining or further processes.

Waterjet is without doubt the most versatile profiling tool available, it can cut virtually any material even composites.

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Our Experience

With over 70 years of experience we offer a full product design service. We can take your CAD files, existing component or sketch and working with electronic formats we nest the parts. This can be utilising your material or we can supply from our own wide inventory. We will ensure we achieve the maximum material efficiency to give you a finished part at a competitive cost. Material optimisation using our CAD/CAM software is all part of our unparalleled service.

Helping the Environment

Waterjets are environmentally friendly using relatively small amounts of water and producing no hazardous waste products. Garnet, the cutting medium which is mixed with the water, is completely inert and the used filtered water can be disposed of down the drain.