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We aim to deliver what our customers need when they need it. Delivering the best of waterjet technology to you, through a combination of industry leading equipment and over 70 years of experience. We have an outstanding quality record, delivering that same level of attention to detail from aerospace contracts to one off projects. As we’ve grown, our ever growing customer base has demanded an expansion of our offering from just waterjet cutting to in many cases delivering a finished product, but with the same focus on quality and delivery.

We are well known for our flexibility, additional services, attention to detail and 24 hour production, delivering our customers with the fastest turnaround in the industry. We are growing year on year by delivering over and above our customers expectations.


We can work with your CAD files, even from packages we’re not familiar with, we always find a way to translate it into a format our equipment can work with. Our preference if you can provide it is an R12 DXF, but we work with an ever growing range of file extensions.

At the same time, some of our customers do not have CAD expertise, so we can also work from image files, templates, or even basic sketches. We are more than happy to work with customers, whatever stage they are at in their product development.

Material – Stock holding

We hold an extensive selection of material. This enables us to offer the short lead times that our customers need. We have full CAD data of everything on the shelves, letting us know if we can fulfil your requirements from stock at the quoting stage. All material is bought from reputable, quality sources, and for our usual metals we can provide 3.1 mill certificates.

Mild Steel: S275 / S355

Stainless steel: 304 / 316 / 321

Aluminium: 5083 / 5251 / 6082

Yellow Metals: Copper  /  Brass / Phosphor Bronze

Rubber:  Neoprene / EPDM / Viton / Silicone rubber

Plastics: HDPE / UHMWPE / PTFE / Acrylic / Polyurethane / Nylon / Lexan / Polypropylene / PVC / Acetal

Wood: MDF / Plywood

We are always happy to work with your free issued materials, from our stock, or source whatever you require. By arrangement we also hold supplies of customer material ready for call off, giving you the best lead times and service possible.

Give Hydromar a call for your next project. With over 70 years experience and award winning customer service. We have you covered.

Additional in-house manufacturing services

As well as our original core business of waterjet cutting, we also currently offer the following in house capabilities:







Surface finishing (Automated and manual)

Shot blasting


Design consultation


Stock management

And new in 2020, CNC Milling on our 3 axis sliding bed mill

Additional manufacturing processes (subcontract)

Our customers rely on our exceptional lead times and quality. Many of them, based upon our great track record of delivery, entrust us with producing their finished products. If we do not have the capability for all the processes needed in house, we have a wide ranging database of trusted suppliers. Our chosen suppliers have been quality assessed and we trust to uphold the same standards of quality and customer satisfaction we hold ourselves to. Any subcontract work is subject to additional inspections to ensure it meets our customers specifications and expectations. We can offer the following additional services from our trusted partners.

CNC Turning

CNC 5 Axis Milling

Plough Grinding

Welding / Fabrication




Powder coating


Zinc passivation

Chrome Plating


Screen Printing