Kickstart Workshop Operator Assistant

Monday October 11, 2021

We are excited to announce that we have another Kickstart opening. 

Following on from our successful first Kickstarter, Brandon, who has completed the 6 month scheme and now been employed in  a permanent position at the company.  We are excited to announce that we will now be offering a second kickstart position. Details, job specification and application form can be found below (You must be referred by the DWP to take part in the kickstart scheme).

Workshop Operator Assistant

Role:  To  support the manufacturing operations  of the  company in waterjet profiling and  CNC  machining.

Ready to start a career in  engineering / manufacturing? We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to support our manufacturing operations.   With customers across  numerous industries, from heavy engineering to the theatre and a focus on short runs of high value items, no two weeks are the same.  The role will involve supporting the waterjet / CNC milling technicians to carry out their primary tasks.  This will include  loading / unloading material,  completing secondary operations on the  cut profiles ( deburring / drilling / tapping/ cleaning with the use of hand power tools and workshop machinery.  You will be involved in the packing / palletisation of  orders for despatch to customers.  There will also be  equipment and workshop maintenance  task to complete.  For  those who are motivated and demonstrate an appropriate aptitude there will be the opportunity to progress to  forklift truck operation and basic waterjet operation.  You will need to be good with your  hands.   Full training will be given both on and off site.  Applicants must have been referred through the Kickstart Scheme, after which they should download and complete the application form below.   The post will be awarded to the first person we believe  is a good fit for the team.  So  don’t delay.   Get your application in today.