Master Manufacturer

Wednesday February 10, 2021

Ashley Chapman being presented with his winners certificate

Staff challenge – to design and manufacture something useful, using any company equipment and material within 5 hrs – simple?

For a complete change of pace after a very challenging year, this is the no-notice challenge Hydromar staff were given just before Christmas; to work on something for work or personal use, using their creativity and engineering skills. We had items as diverse as unique ice cube moulds, a piece of art to a full tang knife. It was a competition, without any real rules. Everyone finished their designs in time – just! The overall winner was Ashley Chapman, with a custom spray shield to fit to one of the waterjet equipment consoles – something that will be an ongoing benefit to all of our operators. The staff vote went to Alex Lightfoot, nothing to do with him being general manager, more his wacky ice cube mould. From an early start and ‘what on earth is going on’ there were lots of laughs, smiles, bacon rolls and some impressive hidden talent surfacing.