Old Meets The New

Monday January 11, 2021

A recent project for Hydromar used the advantages of CAD and our high tech water jet and paired it with the fantastic artisan skills of traditional boat building. Our customer, David Heritage Racing Yachts, had been commissioned to build the hull of a 5.5m racing yacht – not a modern composite hull but a beautifully hand-crafted hull using western red cedar. Hydromar cut a set of hull formers in 18mm plywood, which all slotted together into a base board, to provide the hull shape onto which the planks were laid to form the hull. The CAD work involved nearly exceeded the total cutting time, but it beats cutting them out with a jigsaw!

Even at this early stage of hull build you can see the flowing lines of this hull. When it’s finished no doubt it will be stunning.

Hydromar can cut any material not just 180mm thick aluminium; so give us a call about your project.

All photographs copyright of David Heritage Racing Yachts