Yet another successful external audit: ISO9001:2015 Reaccreditation

Friday August 14, 2020

We have recently undergone the annual audit by our external accrediting body for ISO9001:2015 accreditation. We are pleased to say that the external auditor found zero non conformances with the management of our system, and we had a record low number of part non conformances for the year, all of which were successfully resolved. You can click the ISO9001:2015 logo in our footer to download our current certificate if you require it for your own QMS. 

Our Managing director Paddy Lightfoot had this to say on yet another successful external audit:

“For many –  a  quality system is seen as either ‘only for the  big  boys’ or getting in the way of  getting the  job  done, to others  it’s a tick box  exercise. At Hydromar right from starting out with our initial accreditation back in 2009, we have  developed a system  that work for us.  It  helps us deliver  consistency, not easy when you have multiple customers  all with different  requirements;  what  is acceptable for an opera house  props department  is  very different from an aerospace  customer!  It  constantly  pushes us to refine our processes and eliminate room for  those  human  errors  that we know we will never wholly eradicate, but we are working on it.   Mostly it’s a team effort, everyone engaging to make it effective  rather than a dusty set of manuals that get dusted off for the audit.  The accreditation is  just  a  piece of  paper, it’s the people who  work the system  that make  it worthwhile  and a  sign of  confidence for our  customers.”