The Benefits

Our  CNC  mill enables us to  add  features  to  waterjet profiles  to produce a completed  product  or to machine a more complex part  from  a  blank cut on the waterjet.  Milling  from near net  profiles  ( profiles  cut on the waterjet with  1-2 mm  of excess material) allows  for much better utilisation of material.  The CNC mill  will machine to much higher tolerances than the waterjet.  CNC milling is  a  slower process than waterjet cutting. So, by combining the two process  utilises the most appropriate tool for each part of the process,  leading to greater  economy.  

Why CNC Milling?

Milling can be a stand-alone process –  machining complex  3D  parts with partial depth features not possible with a waterjet .  It  also  offers  superior  accuracy compared to a water. Mill accuracy offered is  +/- 0.05mm  ( waterjet standard is  +/- 0.25mm).  A  machined  face can be a  true  90 degrees  or any other angle,  it will also  be  a  significantly smoother finish than a waterjet. Its possible to  ‘mix and match’ accuracy / cut edge finish between the mill and the waterjet  to  meet  customer requirements.

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Our Experience

For many years,  we  subcontracted out any  element of  CNC machining.  However, a growing demand and a focus on retaining control over the  whole  process  has resulted I us bringing this process in-house.  Our  expertise in this area  is  growing all the time as we meet  customer demands. Half of our team has completed formal training with the equipment manufacturer.

Helping the Environment

Milling is generally  quite a  wasteful process –  machining away  lots of material to  reduce the  original  blank of metal down to the  finished  size.  85%  of aerospace  titanium  never ends up in the aeroplane  but is converted to  scrap  swarf  in the machining process for the end parts. By combining milling with the waterjet process, to produce near net  parts,  higher  material  yield and less waste is  possible.